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Why take this online class?

The Tower of London is one of the most visited landmarks not only in England, but also in Europe. This live online experience will take you through the famous history of the Tower of London and all the way from its beginnings as a fortress to its current state as protector of the priceless Crown Jewels, get acquainted with the Tower’s regal watchmen - the Yeomen Warders (known popularly as Beefeaters). Throughout its multiple historical functions as fortress, palace, prison and treasury, enjoy the expert storytelling with a local Blue Badge expert guide who has spent years studying these fascinating topics to London visitors.

  • This tour is presented by a leading London Blue Badge guide who will share stories of the Tower of London and its different uses, from its foundations and all the way to the present.
  • The Yeomen Warders - the Tower official protectors keep many secrets, including why they are nicknamed Beefeaters.
  • Look upon all of the gems within the Crown Jewels and hear of their regal use.
  • Join this tour with others from around the world and ask the experts all the questions you never had answers for.
  • What better than enjoying this experience from the comfort of your own home.
Learn why this fortress is one of the most iconic historical sites in the world

When we mention characters like “William the Conqueror” what comes to mind? Have you ever heard the theme song of Game of Thrones play? Can you hear the clash of iron and smell the scent of fire? Can you feel the tension of a forcible rule over England? If you were living in London at the end of the 11th century, you would have felt and envisioned all of this each time you caught a glimpse of the menacing Tower of London.

On this live online experience from home, join an expert Blue Badge tour guide in London as we take you through the foundations and different uses of the Tower of London. Although we’ve seen plenty of gruesome and executions, it wasn’t always like this.

The Yeoman Warders (also known as Beefeaters) are one of the most talked about topics of the Tower of London. Take a look at the daily ceremony they perform to open the gates, and lay privy to the special meanings behind their actions. Our Blue Badge guide will engage you with true expert storytelling. You will learn the stories of some of the executions that took place within the compound and why one execution site, the Tower Green, was reserved for only a select few.

Of course, any tour of the Tower of London wouldn’t be complete without mention of the Crown Jewels. Enter the lifesize coffer where 800 years of priceless treasures, regalia, and vestments including the various crowns and scepters owned by the royal family are held and guarded. Hear when these jewels are used and see the last time these jewels were used during Queen Elizabeth’s coronation ceremony.

The Tower of London is a place of further wonder and exploration. Towards the end of the tour, learn of a very special flock of ravens, and why their lodgings will always be kept here at the Tower of London, by order of Her Majesty the Queen.

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