Buy as a Gift

All of our Secret Tours are available for purchase as gifts vouchers, perfect for birthdays, bonuses, holidays, and presents. Codes are valid for 1 year from purchase.

Watch the step-by-step video tutorial below to learn how to book your voucher ticket:

Do I enter my name or the recipient's name when filling out form?

You'll enter the recipient's name where it says "Full name of voucher recipient" and your own name in the line below where it says "Full name".

Do I need to pay the exact amount or can I just gift a flat amount of say, $50 or $100?

Booking a gift voucher is the same as booking ticket, so you must pay the full amount of the tour you're selecting. In case the purchaser is only able to pay a partial amount, the recipient will be asked to pay the remaining balance when redeeming the voucher.

What happens after purchase?

A copy of voucher will be sent to the email address entered during checkout. It can be the email address of the purchaser or the recipient.

Should I enter the recipient's email so the tickets go to them?

Yes, if you prefer to send the ticket directly to the recipient.

How do the recipients redeem the tickets?

There is a section during checkout where the recipient will enter their voucher code.

If you need assistance please contact our customer support.