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Why take this online class?

No coincidence that the most famous and widely known proverb about wine is in Italian - “In vino veritas”- “Truth can be found in wine”. Portraits of Italy often include magnificent images of a country filled with cultural class and style - like the iconic Santa Maria del Florence, palais Pitti or other grandioses monuments like Duomo Milan or the Colosseum in Rome. But no image represents Italy like its diversified scenery - The deep green hills of Tuscany with its varied natural landscape encircles the rugged Apennine Mountains, the island of Elba’s beaches on the Tyrrhenian Sea and Chianti’s olive groves and vineyards. An agricultural wonderland, producer of the most perfect wines. During our online class our wine expert will introduce you to the most exquisite product in Italy, - il vino dell’italia; Italian wines.

  • Learn all about esteemed Italian wine with our Master Sommelier who will guide you, step by step, from the vineyard allway to the table.
  • Listen to your guide to learn the history of various regions, the different climates, and different types of bottles found at the heart of every Italian wine region.
  • Process of cultivation and the regional specialties in Italy are also part of our tour. You will follow a way through Venice, Florence, and Rome and the unique features these wine regions are known for.
  • Our storyteller will make wine tasting engaging to both novice appreciators and more experienced vinophiles. You learn how to choose the perfect wine to accompany your meal. You can also join in to a conversation with others from around the world and get answers to your questions from our expert.
  • Connect to this live, online experience without leaving the comfort of your own home + you will receive a $25 voucher for any Walk tour, valid for 2 years.
An educational and cultural treat for your tastebuds!

Our local Master Sommelier in Rome will travel with you from the Eternal City to your home, and into the world of Italy’s favorite pastime, having a wine class with friends and having an incredible wine of course at the same time!

As well as highly instructive, our online class is also cultural to make it an amusing and engaging way to learn about Italian wines. Our Italian Master Sommelier will travel with you from his home in the eternal city, Rome, through your home into the world of making incredible Italian wines !

Our journey will depart from the peak of Mount Ararat, into the mist of the Italian countryside, and then follow through the path of the vine history of over 8,000 years. You will find out that Noah’s Ark, an Armenian cave, and Italian wine actually have things in common. You will learn to evaluate the special classifications of terroir from the mountainous regions in the north, the volcanic western coast, and the sandy internal regions, with over 2,000 kinds of grapes - 400 of which are used to make a tremendous amount of fabulous wine!

In the country of la “dolce vita”, the sweet life and dolce far niente, the sweetness of doing nothing. Yet “nothing” does not mean drinking “nothing much” wine. From Rome to Florence and Venice travel with our expert, filled with a great spirit of research, through Italy’s “big three”. Prepare yourself to “drink” your way through the country. What does the label DOCG actually mean .. ? Learn how to choose a really good bottle during your trip, or at your local store, through the quality classifications of Italian wine.

If you should be a novice or expert wine drinker? Let's get together ! This tour is hand made for all of you! This class truly has something useful and interesting for every level from a newcomer to a devotee of wine. If we have done this right you will be feeling both knowledgeable and at least little tipsy by the end of the class, or we haven not done our job!

Nota bene : This class is wine-friendly so it is encouraged to pour yourself a glass before joining !

With any online tour, you'll also receive a $10 gift voucher which you can use to book any Secret Food Tour, valid for 2 years!

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