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Notre-Dame de Paris is one of the monuments of absolutely unlimitless significance. When they prosper, or are menaced it induces in us either reaction of great joy, or immense sadness. On 15 April 2019 the world watched helpless as the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris fell under the flame and fire. Parisians mourned and the whole world with them. Join our local guide on this live-online tour straight from their home in Paris, only steps away from Notre Dame. Your guide will lay before you the historical foundation of this loved and respected cathedral and the secret meanings behind its art and architecture.

  • Your expert local Parisian guide will share with you the history, art, and tenacity of the Cathedral of Notre Dame.
  • Learn the secrets to some of the Cathedral’s most adored art and how they have managed to survive over the centuries.
  • Join in conversation with an international group and ask your experts all your knotty questions.
  • Receive a $10 voucher for Secret Food Tours with every online tour you buy.
Discover this history behind one of France’s most cherished treasures

On 15th of April 2019, in the heart of the city of Paris, on the island of the Île de la Cité quick decisions needed to be made. On that unfortunate day Parsians, young and old, watched while flames enveloped the nearby sky. A tragedy unfolds - the historic monument of Notre Dame is on fire. Decisions made by brave rescue teams, who refused to just standby while a cherished symbol of France was burning, changed the course of history that day.

On this live-online tour, our local expert guide living just steps away from the Cathedral, will take you back into the past to expose the reasons of how and why Notre Dame this holy site, became not only a popular emblem throughout the world but a major symbol of France. This tour is designed for both young and old, addressing topics that are cross-generational, fun, and engaging.

Over the course of an hour’s time, our guide will take you first around the exterior to share details of its innovative construction and the secret purpose of its works of art - some unexpectedly interactive. Learn which architectural elements that flourished under the genre of Gothic architecture were actually borrowed from more ancient times. Who the church is dedicated to and why, what role the French Revolution played in the symbolic representation of the church.

Once well informed on the exterior, your guide will bring you inside to share personal stories about Notre Dame, and divulge hidden points of interest learned from their years working there. You will pay homage to the interior of the cathedral illuminated by light in all its forms. Before the hour is over you will have discovered why Notre Dame is considered “the best example of French Gothic architecture in the world” and why the fight to save it was so strongly felt around the world.

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