This tour starts at Karasuma Oike where the first Starbucks was opened in Kyoto in 1997. From there, you will take the small streets toward the Nishi Market with a tasty stop en route, once at Nishiki your local guide will take you to the authentic and historical food stops avoiding the numerous tourist traps flourishing in this famous market. After crossing the Kamo river you will enter the famous Gion district where your last two stops are waiting for you.

During the three-hours and half culinary tour, our local English-speaking guide will provide you with an experience of local life. On this journey we aim to introduce you to daily Japanese food enjoyed by the locals, with no less than 9 tastings this tour is unlikely to leave you starving nor thirsty. The Nishiki market showcases local groceries, a huge variety of eateries and artisans that have been in business for generations. The tour will finish just by the entrance of the Minami Gion district and a few steps away from the Yasaka Shrine.

Be sure to join our tour hungry! As we progress through our culinary adventure, we will savour a full range of Japanese delicacies, Niigata style Katsudon, Kyoto traditional Yubadofu, a tasting of Kyoto’s region quality sakes wine, freshly made Satsuma age (surimi fish cakes), a beef seared sushi, some fruit mochi (varies accordingly to the season), a Kyoto version of the Okonimyaki, some refreshing or hot matcha tea, and not to mention, our secret dish!!

We want as much as possible to share this wonderful experience with the many so this tour is suitable for non pork eaters, however, for pescatarians and vegetarians some but not everything can be replaced..

If having a meaningful experience in Japan is on your bucket list, then this tour is a must do. Also for those who have or plan on having the Tokyo or Osaka Secret Food tour, our food choices do complete one another and have been selected to offer variations.

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