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Learn why nature is a key theme in Guadi’s work, art and architecture. “I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble” Said Augustus Caesar. This simple phrase celebrates the Roman Empire for nearly 700 years of steadfast existence, Rome and its mediterranean and european territories shone unrivaled upon the known world. The backbone of this mighty empire - an efficient administration backed by a powerful, organized and professional army and led by “Inspired Emperors” literally rendered facing the internal conflicts and numerous invasions that caused the Empire to crumble to dust.

  • Listen to our expert historian guide in Rome and learn stories about the Roman Empire’s Rise and Fall
  • Learn from our guide the secret “Grand Scheme '' of Rome’s most powerful rulers in their bid for power and recognition.
  • Take the front seat of a time travel machine and enjoy the fateful story of one of the mightiest Empires on earth.
  • Engage with others from around the world and get the unique chance to ask our natives guides all your unanswered queries.
  • Connect to this live online experience from the comfort of your own home.
March back in time to witness demise of the greatest Empire on Earth

From the Adrian’s Wall in Scotland to the walls of Bagdad, from Carthage and the Gates of the Sahara desert to the dark and deep Teutoburg forest of Germania stood the Roman Aquila (Eagle) and on that vast Empire was sitting Trajan, the Emperor who brought the Roman Empire to its most powerful extent.

Not only did Emperor Trajan shaped the world but also did he, on a local scale, shaped the city of Rome to his own glory and more especially through the Via dei Fori Imperiali which is flanked by Trajan’s Forum, his market complex, and an imposing column detailing his triumphs. What could be seen as “old” stones by the many still play a larger role in modern history - each is a visual and concrete testament of the influential elements the Empire had on our world even after its fateful end. On this exciting live online tour, join our specialists as they share with you their knowledge and passion about the fall of the Roman Empire and its radiant sway on our daily lives

On this relaxing online tour from home, time travel back with our specialist guide from their home at the center of “Capital of the World” - the city of Rome, who will skillfully depict a portrait of this antique period and will open your eyes to this vast subject.

The Five Good Emperors period which extends from 96 to 180AD was known as the state of grace of the Roman Imperial domination, a period of peace and prosperity; it is also the perfect starting point for this online tour. Over the course of an hour, begin to unravel the mysteries of the weakening of the Empire all the way to the conclusion in 476 AD and its obliteration.

Time travel back to the glory days of the Ancients, listen why the rise of Christianity was instrumental to the fall, and why some historians argue climate change also had a role to play, ending with a blaze of glory with the Germanic Barbarians sack of the city and a plague that nearly wiped the entire population of the Empire.

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