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New Orleans’ French Quarter is a journey through the culture of an unquestionably unique group of varied peoples - a meld of Spanish, French, African, and American cultures mingled on these streets and created a culture unlike any other corner of the world. On this incredible walking tour of the French Quarter, join a local Creole guide as they lead you through the narrow streets with places and spaces that could only be found in The Crescent City.

If America is a melting pot of cultures then New Orleans’ French Quarter is its essence. Within this district, Spanish, French, African, and American cultures gave birth to a culture unlike any other. In company of a native Créole guide take on this amazing tour of the French Quarter, ambling through the labyrinth of narrow streets and open spaces that only NOLA can offer you.

  • French Quarter
  • Bourbon Street
  • The Tango Belt Exchange Place
  • Pirate Alley
  • Jackson Square
  • Local Cocktail Bar
  • Pontalba Apartments (outside)
  • Cabildo (outside)
  • St. Louis Cathedral (outside)
  • Presbytère (inside)
  • Haunted buildings
  • French Market
  • Café du Monde
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In company of a native, visit the French Quarter and learn how Creole culture grew into becoming the heart and soul of the city. Take a peek in a traditional gas lamp factory and learn the craft that made lanterns emblematic of NOLA.. In the Presbytère Museum learn of the history of the city from details of Mardi Gras to Hurricane Katrina. Take a stroll through the famous spots of Jackson Square. For a little thrill, dare enter the most haunted building of the French Quarter. Finish this fantastic tour with a beignet from the world-famous Café du Monde.

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The French Quarter is a journey through the culture of an unique American city. A Creole guide will take you on a journey through The Crescent City’s history, as well as provide insight into the rich culture that makes this quarter so lovable and unique.

About Walk's New Orleans: French Quarter

America is known for being a melting pot of culture and these streets are the living testimony of the collision of so many cultures, Voodoo, Jazz and Mardi Gras are but a few suggestions of this cultural hodgepodge. Meeting your native creole guide on Bourbon Street he will walk you past former bars and flophouses and through the source of wickedness such as the Tango Belt, Storyville, Pirate Alley, and Exchange Alley. One can not talk about the history of the French Quarter without mentioning the cocktails and it will be your guide's duty to reveal all the secrets surrounding them. If you are thirsty or you want to try first hand you can grab one (not included in the price of the tour) as it may even set the mood for the next stop - Royal Street where local musicians will beguile you with their fantastic music. But there's more to this district than the music and the drinking. Discover all about Jackson Square, the impending St. Louis Cathedral, the Pontalba apartments, and of course the Cabildo, where the sale of Louisiana by France was acted. Away from the music and laughters, witness the darkest hours of New Orleans recent history with the visit of the Presbytère Museum and its emotional displays of Hurricane Katrina aftermath. As you reach the end of the tour your Creole guide will tell you of Voodoo and supernatural as he takes you into one of the most haunted buildings in the United States. Finally, as a cherry on a cake, lose yourself in the old French Market finishing at Cafe du Monde where a treat awaits you.

French Quarter

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Walk the unique streets of the French Quarter Learn the history of the area from your guide Exchange Place Bevolo Gas Light company Bevolo Gas Light company French Quarter A small group tour ensures a great connection with your guide You may stop off to purchase some Pirate's Alley booze Jackson Square with the St. Louis Cathedral and the Presbytere Step inside for a guided tour, including Mardis Gras exhibits Mardis Gras Exhibits The Hurricane Katrina exhibit is a touching and eye-opening experience Your guide is full of stories and information about the area Step inside a haunted building for spooky stories Beignets from the world famous Cafe du Monde are included Beignets from the world famous Cafe du Monde are included